Friday, April 12, 2013

Tuesday, April 9

It is super cool out here.  It seems that every week things are getting better.  Not all at once, but bit by bit, we are starting to do more and more in the time that we are given.  This past week we have had a couple different miracles.  
Monday, April 1st: 
1)    We were able to teach two new people and we were able to give them Book of Mormons with commitments to read and pray about it.  
2)    We were able to drop in on S., and have a focused lesson with him about the Spirit World, The Resurrection  Immortality and Judgement, and The Kingdoms of Glory.  And another one of S.' friends was there listening about what we were talking about.
3)    At N.'s home, she told us that she had been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and she said that she had received a witness that it was true!  She said that when we met with her before, it really helped that we had clarified what exactly the Book of Mormon was.  It reminded me of Preach My Gospel when it says that it is extremely difficult for someone to receive a witness that something is true, if there is confusion about that thing.
4)    We were able to teach A., and when we went over to her home, she had sat all eight people at her house down to listen to us, and her granddaughter, L., asked for a Book of Mormon to read and study.  So hopefully, we will be able to continue teaching L.  as well as A.
5)    I was able to find ancestors that haven't had their temple work done, and I was able to request their names!!!
6)    At General Conference, all of the questions that less active members and investigators have asked to us were addressed in the talks that were given!  We were also able to teach O. about the Plan of Salvation, and we have a time set up to teach him again this coming week!
Monday April 8th
7)    We were able to continue teaching Y. (one of the people we had started teaching on the 1st) about the Plan of Salvation, and she has continued reading, and we were able to commit her to saying the prayer the next time that we visit with her.

So this past week has been really awesome.  I will continue looking for more names.

Elder Peterson

Monday, April 8

We don't have much time right now, so more will come tomorrow, but this past week we have been able to get a new investigator plus a pretty solid referral that is going to be finalized this Sunday.  Loved the talks in General Conference.  All of the issues that our investigators have had were addressed in General Conference, so I am super excited for meeting with them and telling them about those things

Elder Peterson