Sunday, October 13, 2013

September 30, 2013

Things in the ward have been slowing down a little. It will past though. Elder Jones and I have been getting better with our companionship unity. We met with C this past week. She has been struggling to quit smoking, but she won't allow us to help her with that. It is super confusing talking with her. She talks in circles all the time, and Elder Jones and I can get the general idea of what she is saying, but not much else. We committed her to come the RS broadcast this weekend, but she cancelled 30 minutes before, and then she also cancelled the ride to church saying that she didn't want to go if it was raining. Elder Jones and I were both disappointed in her decision, but at the same time, we don't think that she truly understands the importance of coming to church. So that will be the focus of this week with her.

We were able to meet with R this past week, and we showed her the Restoration video and then talked about the Power of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We asked her if she would like to continue to feel the Holy Ghost in her life, so we talked about how she could have the Holy Ghost in her life more, and talked about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism, and what that would mean. That was definitely the highlight of the week.

Elder Jones and I have been able to talk things over and decide on a plan if we feel that the spirit of contention is entering into our companionship. We would take five minutes on opposite sides of the room to just relax and meditate and pray. Then we would go back to what we were doing. And it has worked!! We have also been reading Jesus the Christ at night together. Those two things have really made a difference in our companionship.

I am doing well right now. The stress levels have decreased dramatically. I feel like our companionship is increasing in unity and strength. It is amazing the difference between now and just a few weeks ago. Prayer and companionship scripture study really does help.

Elder Peterson