Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Transfer, May 20, 2014

Sorry about how late this is. We had transfers this past Monday. So
yesterday. There have been some really cool things that have happened
this week. So, on Sunday, we had a musical fireside. The choir
director in the ward was able to coordinate with the ward next door to
us, and a Christian choir in the area. We invited a bunch of our
investigators, and they said that they would show up. Unfortunately,
B has been really sick lately, and he wasn't able to come to
church. But the fireside was really good. There was a really good
variety of music, and the spirit was super strong. All the songs were
about Jesus Christ.

So about B. B went to the hospital this past week. He has a
seizure, and past out last Sunday. He called us on Monday and wanted
us to come over and talk with him. He had gone in and the nurses had
started running tests, but they couldn't find anything. They
discharged him on Tuesday, but we haven't been able to see him since.
He has been really sick lately, so he wasn't able to come to church,
and he missed the fireside.

So a couple miracles, actually just one right now, Monday morning we
got a call from Sister Glausi, the Bishop's wife. She told us that she
had made an invitation to a neighbor to take the missionary
discussions, and her neighbor had said yes. So we met with sister
Glausi, and her friend E Wednesday morning. E is Bahai.
I don't know how to spell it, but they believe in Christianity,
Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. It is really strange. But E said
that she would read, and pray. She also went to the music fireside on

Elder Ah Kuoi went to the hospital this past week. His heart has been
bothering him for a long time, and it seems like he gets these mini
heart attacks, so Friday night, we went tot the emergency room. They
weren't able to find out anything, but he has an appointment with a
cardiologist for the 3rd of June.

Oh, nothing happened at transfers with me and Elder ah Kuoi.

Elder Peterson

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