Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 2, Week 5, June 23, 2014

This past week has a couple miracles. We went over to teach one of
our investigators, Y. Y broke her hip about two months ago.
She was really struggling with things, but when we went over, she was
telling us much of blessing it was that she broke her hip. How it
helped her to slow down her life, how God has been able to touch her
in different ways. She was really grateful for the friends that had
move in with her to help her out. She had broken her hip in three
places, and her femur in two different places. We decided that it
would be a good idea to show her a Mormon message called mountains to
climb. It talks about how God will strengthen us in times of trial.
She was really touched by the spirit, she started crying and talking
about how hard things have been since she broke her hip, how depressed
she was, and she said that the video had spoken right to her. She now
wants a copy of the video to show to her family, who doesn't believe
in God.
Transfers were this past week. Guess what? I'm training again.
Guess what else? I'm also the new district leader. Elder Byam went
home on Monday, and president Morby assigned me to be the new district
leader in the lake Oswego district. My new companion is Elder
Hundley. He is from Eden, Arizona. He is 23, and super excited to
get to work. I think some amazing things are going to happen this

Elder Peterson

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