Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 1, Week 1, April 14, 2014

It has been very good to be back out on a mission. This past week, we
have done a lot a service. Almost every day, Elder Ah Kuoi and I have
gone out and done service with people in their yards and stuff. It
was kinda funny, on Wednesday, I was sanding down some cabinets
outside, and the sun was shining a lot. We ended up working outside
a lot that day, and when we were done, I had this sunburn that ended
about half way up my bicep, and about halfway around on the outside,
and there was a hard burn line where I had been sunburnt and where I
wasn't. I laughed so hard when I saw that!

Elder Ah Kuoi and I have been working hard to gain the trust of people
through service, and so far it has been working. This past Sunday,
the second councilor in the ward came up to us and told us that he had
invited one of his friends to take that discussions. The friend
doesn't live within the ward boundaries, but we will be teaching him
at the second councilors home for the first bit. I am sure that at
some point in time we will need to pass him one to the other elders,
but for now we are going to be teaching him! Elder Ah Kuoi is a great
person. He is super kind and he is very thoughtful, but at the same
time he is super funny and outgoing. Being able to serve with him is
going to be so awesome.

This past week, I was able to meet a guy named B. He is an
investigator that the elders before me has been teaching for just a
few weeks. He has high functioning autism, and probably a social
anxiety disorder. He has been an amazing investigator. Elder Ah Kuoi
and Elder Moore had asked him to come to church for the past few
weeks, but he would always cancel at the last moment. But last week
he came to General Conference, and he also came to the scripture study
that we held on Friday. He has really good questions, and he told us
that while he was watching General Conference, he felt to the Spirit, and decided that the church was true! Now he wants to get tickets for
next General Conference, and he also wants to get baptized! Now we
need to help him get into the habit of coming to church on Sunday, and
help him with the Word of Wisdom. He is currently a recovering
alcoholic, and he has been struggling with at for years. But I have
faith that he will be able to overcome this trial. We hope to set a
date with him this next week.

Elder Peterson

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