Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 2, Week 1, May 26, 2014

Hey, this week has been really great. We were doing service on
Saturday with B and he started talking about his girlfriend
E. He has really wanted her to start taking the discussions.
He has felt the blessings of living the gospel, and he wants her to go
with him as he continues to progress towards baptism. She was
supposed to come while we were doing service, but she wasn't able to
make it. So we had gone back to the apartment to change super quick,
and B called us. He told us that E was at his house, and
we should come back to meet with them. So we went back and they said
they wanted to go to round table, and we should meet them there. So
we went and started talking about what we teach and our relationship
with God. She seemed really interested, but she had to go really
quick after meeting with us. So we stayed and talked with B for a
while. He has been doing so much better with reading the scriptures.
And he has seen the changes that he has been making while meeting with
us. He is super excited about getting baptized on the 18th. So the
next day was Sunday, and we called B to see if he needed a ride to
church, and he said that E was coming as well! So they both
came to church, and the talks were amazing! They were two High
Councilmen who both talked about increasing faith in Jesus Christ!
It was so perfect for B and E. They both really enjoyed
church, and E was talking about bringing some of her family to
church with her next week! I am so excited to see the work

So a couple more miracles. We were going to visit a part member
family from Ghana, and when we got there, H, the mom, asked us
if we could help them move some stuff into a U-haul for a garage sale
at an old fire station, and her daughter E was there as well.
E played professional basketball in Finland, and had torn some
ligaments in her ankle really bad, so she came back to the states for
some surgery. She was helping as well, and she started asking what
missionaries did, what we taught, so Elder Ah Kuoi and I explained
that we teach people about Jesus Christ. We gave her a really brief
overview of what we teach. When we were talking about the Plan of
Salvation, she was really interested about what happens after death.
So we explained a little about that, and she said that it was "way
intense" and super cool. When we talked about the Celestial Kingdom
she said that she would really want to go there.

Also, there is a member in the ward at works for Nike as a designer,
and he said table had a bunch of samples to hand out, so he gave us a
bunch on shirts and a couple jackets.

This week has been a really great week.

Elder Peterson

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