Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 1, Week 2, April 21, 2014

This past week has been really wet. It has rained almost all week,
and it looks to do the same this next one. I am not surprised, but
that is just the way things are. I am super glad to hear that you had
a great Easter. My Easter was awesome as well. We had an
investigator come to church this week. His name is B. We met
with B this past Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately he has been
going through some hard times lately. His grandmother and one of his
friends has recently past away, so this past week was really rough for
him. When we talked with him, he told us that he wanted to get
baptized really badly, so we set a date with him for the 3 of May.
Hopefully that will be able to happen. He is struggling with the Word
of Wisdom, and he gets drunk a lot. But he was able to make it to
church this past week. He really enjoyed it and told us that he would
never missed another Sunday of church again! But by the time that
sacrament meeting was over, his social anxiety was really bad, so he
went home.

This past week, we have been able to do a lot of service for people,
and it is really helping with finding as well. We were doing service
for a single mom on Saturday, and about half way through, she had to
leave. We continued to spread bark dust, and weed and all that fun
stuff. When she came back, she said that she had a nonmember friend
who was wanting us to do service for her. The sister told us that she
would send us the info in a couple days for us to go and contact her.

So the work is going really great out here. We aren't teaching as
much, but we are working with some really awesome people out here.
The ward is amazing, my comp is awesome, and I am super excited for
this next week.

Elder Peterson

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