Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 3, Week 3, July 14, 2014

This past week was really good. Elder Hundley and were able to go
tracting this week, and it was super awesome. We were able to hand out
three Books of Mormon in the three hours that we went tracting this
week. We have tried to follow up in them, but they have not been home.
But we are going to continue to try and contact them. Last week we had
a few investigators come to church. Unfortunately some of the things
that were said went right over their heads, and kind of confused
them. This past week, we made it a goal to try and patch things up. So
we went over to M's house. He told is that he had a wonderful
experience at church last week. We started talking about how things
went, and he mentioned that he felt really good coming to church. Then
we explained to him that the way he was feeling is the way that the
Holy Ghost tells us that things are true, that he needs to look for
that feeling when he reads the Book of Mormon. He is starting to
understand prayer more. We were able to encourage him to say his first
prayer for the closing prayer! He did an amazing job. I feel like we
could extend a baptismal date to him in the next few weeks, and he
would accept it. On Wednesday, we are going to go over with one of the
members that he really enjoyed talking with at church, and talk about
the plan of salvation. We were finally able to track down N.
She was the nonmember who bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting
about a month after I got here. After we taught her the first
discussion, she kinda disappeared. But we saw her with her boyfriend
by our apartment complex, so we stopped and talked with her. She told
us that she was pregnant, and she had been really sick, but because
she found out that she was pregnant they decided to move their wedding
date up to next weekend! So hopefully after the wedding, things will
start to calm down, and we will be able to teach her again!

Elder Hundley and I are doing great together. Elder Hundley is
continuing to grow, and gain confidence. I can also see the ward
progressing in member missionary work. We have talked with some of
the ward member about sharing the gospel with their family members,
and they said that they would start working on it. We are starting to
get a couple referrals from members, and some service projects from
them. Hopefully this will lead to the ward gaining more trust with us.
Elder Hundley is an extremely hard worker, I probably said that last
week, but it is true. I am always so surprised at how hard he works at
things. I feel so blessed to be his companion.

I am doing great. We were able to go on exchanges with the Willamette
elders this past week. 

Elder Peterson

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