Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 3, Week 6, Aug 4, 2014

This past week has been really good.  And kind of weird, but all weeks are weird.  So just a couple things that happened this week.  On Tuesday while tracting, I was with Elder Nelson, an elder that came out with me, and we knocked on this door.  This entire time, no one had been home, and there was a hornet that flew in onto a nest that was over the door.  when that happened, elder Nelson and i both got really nervous about it.  The hornet started walking around on the nest and stopped at the top, looking at us.  Elder Nelson said that if it flew at us, he was going to freak out, and so of course, it flew at us, and we both ran/hobbled away for about 10 feet, until we realized that it wasn't going to sting us.  It was kind of funny.  Fortunately no one was home to see us run.  That would have been super embarrassing. 
Things are going good in West Linn right now.  We are still working on finding people, and we are coming closer to achieving our companionship goals.  Elder Hundley is continuing to become an amazing missionary.  It is really awesome being able to be his companion.  One of the things that we have been talking about in our companionship studies is recognizing the spirit, and acting on it.  It is something that he has been struggling with.  he doesn't feel like he has gained a true testimony to the point where he knows beyond a doubt that the book of mormon is true, so we have been going through Alma 32 and expounding on it.  It is really interesting some of the things that happen in comp study.  
M is continuing to progress towards baptism.  He is still working on recognizing answers to his prayers, and praying more often.  He just needs to be more humble.  It is really kind of strange the way that he prays sometimes, but he is still getting used to the concept of praying.  He didn't come to church last week, and when we talked to him, he said that he felt bad for not coming!  it isn't good that he missed church, but it is fantastic that he recognized the difference in the way that he felt when he didn't go.

Elder Peterson

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