Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 2, Week 2, June 2, 2014

So, there were a couple things that happened this week, but I want to
focus on the miracles. Most of the miracles happen on Sunday, at
least the ones that I remember the best. Funny how that works.
Let's start with B. So we hadn't been able to meet with B all
week, and he has a baptismal date set for the 18th of June. It has
been kind of stressful. we went over to his house everyday multiple
times during the day, and he was never home. We called him, and he
never answered, so we started to get a little worried. Actually a lot
worried. He had brought his girlfriend to church last Sunday and they
both enjoyed it, so we were hoping that they would still come to
church. Before we got in the car Sunday morning, I said a little
prayer that the people that we planned to go see would be home, and
their hearts would be softened. We stopped by B's house to remind
him about church, unfortunately he was not home. We went to church
after trying to visit some other people that also were not home. I
was feeling kind of discouraged at this point. We hadn't been able to
teach him all week, and when we got to the church building, B
still wasn't there. But about half way through sacrament meeting, he
walked in with E, his girl friend! Elder Ah Kuoi and I were
super excited! Quick flashback. During the week, we had gotten
together with our ward mission leader and talked about different ways
that we could help our investigators and less actives feel more loved
and encourage them to read the Book of Mormon, and Brother Heggie
suggested that we could take some of the hard bound Book of Mormons,
and get their names inscribed on the front of the book. Now back to
Sunday. Brother Heggie came to us and handed us two hard bound Book
of Mormons with B and E's names on them. B and E both started reading them later that day and called us to see if we could come over to answer some of her questions. It was awesome.
More miracles. E, the nonmember that bore her testimony in
church two months ago, approached us before sacrament meeting set
arĂȘte, and told us that she wanted to start taking the discussions
because her boyfriend was out of town for the next two weeks. We have
been waiting for this to happen for a while now. We had been told by
the ward council to wait to start teaching E until the members
had invited her to take the discussions. It has been a little
frustrating, especially when we hear her talk about waiting to get
baptized, and the members that she is talking with won't invite her to
take the discussions. So finally we get to start teaching her. We
are meeting with her this coming Thursday. I am super excited. She
is the definition of a golden investigator.

Elder Peterson

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