Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 3, Week 4, July 21, 2014

M came to church this week again! He has been doing great. On Wednesday, we went over to his house and we taught him more about prayer. We brought Brother Brown, one of the ward missionaries that teaches the Gospel Essentials class. Bringing Brother Brown was such a miracle. He was able to help explain things from a different point of view for M, a way that helped him to understand prayer more. He first asked M if, when his dad was still alive, he had ever gone to his dad for help with something. Tim had said yes. Then Brother Brown asked if his dad had ever not helped, or told him to do something that wasn't right. Tim said no, then Brother Brown compared that to asking for help from our Father in Heaven. It really helped M to understand more about the purpose of prayer. We were also able to help M to understand what the spirit felt like. We started reading Moroni 10:3-7 with him, and that spirit was really strong. We stopped and asked M how he was feeling, he said that he felt love inside, we were able to testify to him that the feeling that he had was the Spirit, and that was how we could all recognize answers from our Heavenly Father. It was a great lesson. M said that he would start reading and praying every day. We also committed him to pray about baptism. At church, we found out that there was going to be a child of record baptism happening that night, so we told M about it and invited him to go to it. He said that he would rather wait to go until there was someone his own age getting baptized. The he told us that he was referring to himself! So M is really considering baptism right now. Hopefully this week, we will be able to set a date for M to start working towards! 
Also this week, we received a referral from the Oregon city 3rd ward missionaries. They had been at lunch with Sister Ballard, and they started talking with an older lady named E. They found where E lived, and they referred us to her. We went over on Saturday to see her, and she started talking with us. She said that she was very impressed with the church and the strong sense of community that it had, and how the church really stuck by the Bible and didn't compromise its standards despite all of the change in modern society. We has an appointment with her for Sunday at 5, but her daughters had taken her to the coast, and left a note saying that E wasn't interested, and not to come back. Fortunately for us, the daughters do not live with E, so we will be going back when E gets back from the coast. 

So last p-day I rolled my ankle really bad.  So bad, we thought that I might have broken it.  So we went to the emergency room and they took a couple x-rays and said that it wasn't broken(thank goodness), just severely sprained.  So here are some pictures of my ankle a couple days afterwards.

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