Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transfer 2, Week 3, June 9, 2014

Things have been pretty good in West Linn this week. We were finally
able to teach N. She is really interested in learning about
the church. We started talking about families, and God's plan for the
family. She said that knowing about eternal families was the one
thing that she wanted so bad for her family. We talked a lot about
Joseph Smith, and the angel Moroni. After we had finished talking
about that, she said that the she thought the angel Moroni was another
one of the things that caught her interest.

My thoughts are super scattered right now, sorry. I am having a hard
time organizing my thoughts. I recently had a couple dreams that
unsettled me, but I am working on getting over it.

When Elder Ah Kuoi when to the hospital, they weren't able to find
anything, but they ordered some more tests.

The one thing that I would want Jonathan to know before he goes on his
mission is that he should be himself. There are a lot of missionaries
who go out thinking of the cookie cutter missionary. Don't be like
that. God called you, not a robot. Work on obedience, but be

Elder Peterson

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